soft technologies, smart textiles, human centered design, smart health, wearables

Strategies of Visibility and Visualization of Wearable Enhancement in the field of Smart Health

The Ph.D. project “Strategies of Visibility and Visualization of Wearable Enhancement in the field of Smart Health” examines the possibilities of a socially, ethically and ecologically sustainable development and design of Smart Textiles and Wearable Technologies. Related to this is the dealing with the perception and perceptibility of the body, as well as their changes through textile interfaces (user interfaces). The focus of her design research is the exploration of the potential of smart textiles for clinical research applications and factors of design to improve acceptance. In the context of Smart Health, she works according to the Human-Centered Design Approach. Patients and relatives are directly involved in the practice-led design research process and an intensive transdisciplinary exchange with physicians and technology practiced. Thus, the interests of various stakeholders should be included in the development from the beginning and application-oriented research should be made possible. She works together with the Alzheimer’s Society in Berlin and the Fraunhofer Institute ISC. She integrates a silicone-based dielectric elastomer sensors in textiles. In the specific application scenarios, she deals with the detection of posture and movement through smart textiles, as well as the development of assistive clothing in hemiparesis and dementia. Practical investigations are linked with an permanent theoretical reflection.

PHD Candidate: Julia Danckwerth
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Prof. Dr. Wolfram Bergande,
Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina,
(Prof. Dr. Hans Joachim Ruckhäberle)

Programm: Ph.D.-Programm Kunst und Design (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar)

Fraunhofer Institut für Silicatforschung – ISC (CesMa – Center of smart Materials), Alzheimer Gesellschaft Berlin

2018 Dementialab – stories from design and research, Robert-Bosch-Stiftung
2015 Shaping Future Days, Publikation zur Konferenz Technische Universität Chemnitz
2017 Visionen gestalten, av edition GmbH