architecture, interior, furniture, acoustic

Merging Loops

Bára Finnsdottir
BA Graduation Project
Supervision: Prof. Christiane Sauer


Merging Loops is a room divider which is created from textile loops. With the aid of slits, flat, fork-shaped modules can be formed into numerous hand-made loops. The modules are cut from sheets of recycling polyester felt and a wood veneer, then tucked into one another.
They are connected in a hanging structure, which is held together due to the friction of the different surface materials. Thanks to the sheer variety of pattern combinations, the interlocking design inspires the user to be creative when assembling the partition, choosing
an arrangement to suit their own taste.
A further design variation takes the same principle of interlocking loops and results in a three-dimensional spatial structure: the individual modules are designed in a larger scale, made from stiff industrial felt, composed of recycled polyester and polypropylene fibre. These modules are cut out of the textile material without any wastage, and then formed into loops, creating a free-standing structure which is quickly set up, and can be stored as a flat
package when the modules are taken apart. Due to its materiality and geometry, the system can generate extendable surfaces which function effectively as a sound absorbing partition.