architecture, lightweight building, structural design

Blow Up

Supervision: Prof. Christiane Sauer
Cooperation Partner:
Marco Canevacci / plastique fantastique Berlin

Designing with air was the theme for this interdisciplinary semester project.
Air is omnipresent and yet intangible . As a “material” it is incredibly versatile: it can support, insulate, buffer, transport, destroy or stabilize. The project investigates different ways to design with air pressure, also focussing on aspects of functionality. The utilized membrane materials were manipulated, combined and tailored in order to achieve the desired performance. A wide range of various constructions from lighting devices to spatial enclosures were created, supported by air pressure alone.
When placed in the garden of the school, the designs took on a life of theirown, being used as amusement or pop-up party spaces by students and visitors alike. The
design project group consisted of students from Textile and Surface Design, Product
Design and Sculpture, working together in this architectural endeavour.


Project: Natascha Unger, Idalene Rapp

Oszillation reflects and transforms the viewer’s perception by changing between
translucency and opacity due to lighting conditions. A thin Mylar foil acts as an
atmospheric catalyst, creating a magical space.


Project: Henrik Hjort, Marvin Ogger, Simon Ertl

‘NTF’ uses standard industrial LD-PE plastic tubing which comes in free lengths from the roll. The material is combined with an industrial net to shape the inflated linear tube elements. Different layouts and fixing points allow to create instantly big structures for spatial partitions or moveable objects.


Project: Maria Turik

‘Drop’ acts as a semitransparent sculpture that can be experienced, but not accessed. The empty, bubble-like interior space becomes a communicating device for people peeping through the slots in the translucent PVC membrane.