architecture, interior, lightweight building, structural design

Stone Web – Expanding Space

Idalene Rapp, Natascha Unger
MA Graduation Project
Supervision: Prof. Christiane Sauer

Cooperation Partner:
DBF Deutsch Basalt Faser GmbH

Basalt, the material we explored in our own pursuit of these qualities, comes from the depths of the planet as liquid magma and solidifies on the earth’s surface. When re-melted, basalt can be transformed into a filament which enables the construction of light yet stable structures. In our Master Project basalt filaments are reinforced with resin and transformed into net-like, solid modules that can be combined into flexible spatial structures. The individual modules, which vary in lightness and transparency, can now be assembled into larger spatial structures by means of plug-in connectors using the same materials basalt and resin. In such constructions the properties of the two materials can be used to reinforce each other to achieve an almost intangible construction that is diametrically opposed to the solid one. The modules can be freely assembled and changed and their functions playfully explored and experienced.