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New Textile Worlds

The exhibition New Textile Worlds at Wasserschloss Klaffenbach is putting an emphasis and showcasing the potentials of technical textiles and smart materialsTogether with product innovations by e.g. Bauerfeind AG, KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH, warmX GmbH, Norafin Industries GmbH, Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut e.V. (STFI), Textilforschungsinstitut Thüringen Vogtland e.V. Greiz (TITV e.G.), TU Chemnitz and Design Research Lab (UdK Berlin) weißensee kunsthochschule berlin and DXM are presenting five selected student projects and the research projects Textile Prototyping Lab and Digital Materialials.

Divine Fibres: The Universe Of Flax

Dominyka Sidabraite
MA Graduation Project 2017
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina (Studio Practice), Prof. Dr. Jörg Petruschat (Theory)

In collaboration with Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI), Berlin Paper Manufactory, Lithuanian Linen Company “Siulas”

The project investigates the so far unused resources of flax fibres and highlights their resourceful properties.

Anicca – The Sense Of Impermanence

Juni Neyenhuys, Malu Lücking
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina

in close collaboration with the Technical University of Berlin, Polymer Technology and Polymer Physics Department (Annekathrin Grüneberg, Prof. Dr. Auhl, Dipl.Ing. Andreas Salomon, Dr. Konstanze Schäfer)

Does longevity equals value?  Does permanence testify to quality? Does material consumption inevitably mean having to leave traces behind? 


Veronika Aumann

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina (Studio Practice), Prof. Carola Zwick (Studio Practice), Prof. Dr. Walter Scheiffele (Theory)

In collaboration with Fraunhofer IZM

The interactive material „screenstoff“ (screenfabric) is a soft, drapable textile, which is at the same time a high-resolution screen, shown as a piece of clothing. The special feature of the „screenfabric“ is that it is both material (fabric) and medium (screen).

Soft Solids

2018 – 2019
Samira Akhavan

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina (Studio Practice)

In collaboration with Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI), 3dk.berlin and Trevira

The Project „Soft Solids“ researches 3D printing as a textile construction technique which, based on the logics of weaving, connects warp threads to form a surface in which yarns and 3D printing filament are interconnected with each other. The combination of the contrasting materials results in novel material effects displaying various grades of stability and flexibility.

On The Molecular Level – Cooking New Materials

Youyang Song

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina (Studio Practice), Prof. Susanne Schwarz-Raacke (Studio Practice), Essi Johanna Glomb (Studio Practice), Prof. Dr. Lucy Norris (Theory)

How can we create a new material from bio waste, which can replace animal leather in the future?



2018 – ongoing
Research Project “Digital Materials“,
DXM – Design & Experimental Materials Research
Veronika Aumann

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Jörg Petruschat (Design Theory and History), Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina (Textile and Surface Design, Division “Design and Experimental Materials Research”)

„Autorialien“ is a series on (fictitious) responsive materials whose form, colour, volume, structure and transparency can be changed automatically. On the basis of various material explorations and their transformation into garments, possible interaction modes between man, machine and material are sketched.

Textile Prototyping Lab (TPL)

2017 – ongoing

Research Consortium:
DXM – Design & Experimental Materials Research, Textile and Surface Design, weißensee kunsthochschule berlin, Saxon Textile Research Institute e.V. (STFI), Textile Research Institute Thuringia Vogtland e.V. (TITV), Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (Fraunhofer IZM) and Fab Lab Berlin

Research Team DXM:
Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina, Essi Johanna Glomb, Sara Diaz Rodriguez, Katrin Münzberg, Karina Wirth
weißensee kunsthochschule berlin

Textile Prototyping Lab is a textile laboratory and an open innovation research platform to promote innovation and networking between research, design and industry.