architecture, interior, structural design, adaptive surfaces, high tech materials, human centered design

Moving Light – Lichtwebsystem

Kirsten Hermans
MA Graduation Project
Supervision: Prof. Christiane Sauer, Prof. Dr. Jörg Petruschat, Paula van Brummelen

‘Moving Light’ system is a concept for an adaptive facade. Its kinetic surface is able to react to external climate conditions and limit the amount of sun radiation that is entering a building by motions of opening and closing. 

It is created from individual fins – ‘light elements’ – that can filter, diffuse or absorb light; some can also produce energy through the integration of photovoltaic technology. The ‘Moving Light’ system combines these with a range of programmed movement patterns. From these components various facade panels can be build, depending on location and purpose. 

While the materials and transformations of the system are functional in their climate adaptive capabilities, the design approach seeks to preserve the sensory and atmospheric aspect of natural light itself.  

Three prototypes have been developed: ‘Sliding Haze’, ‘Shadows Rustle’ and ‘Setting Sun’.