sustainability, circularity, bio materials, active matter, high tech materials

Extension Charm 2.0

Elena Eulitz
Bachelor Graduation Project within the framework of Matters of Activity
Supervision: Prof. Christiane Sauer

With the kind support of Schenke Garne, Dominik Annies, Alterfil and Studio HILO

T-shirts, socks, underwear, sports garments, fitted sheets – all these fabrics are made with the synthetic chemical fibre Elastane. Elastane is a fibre with exceptional elasticity and mixed with cotton or polyester it makes tight-fitting, stretchy fabrics. However, Elastane is made of polyurethane that requires a considerable amount of material and energy to manufacture. It is neither recyclable nor biodegradable, and clothes made with Elastane end up as non-recyclable waste.

Extension Charm explores the question of how an elastic fabric without plastic could look like. By over-twisting a natural fiber yarn to the point where it starts to coil, the elasticity of the textile is created solely by its geometry. The main material of the project is wool, since it is a regionally regrowing material, biodegradable and can even be used as a fertiliser at the end of its life-cycle.